Quilted Bi-Pride Cake!

I wanted to make something pretty and unique. So when I got my checkerboard pan set I started doodling out what I wanted my cake to look like per slice. I came up with this quilted pattern, using the bi-pride colors because well, even if they weren't bi-pride I still think they're lovely!

I got the checkerboard cake bug to begin with thanks to MagnanimousSquirrel over on DA, and a comment they left on my tie-dye cake.

I used the same recipe I had with both the Tie-dye and Captain America cakes. However, in my quest to be ever healthier I decided to try out a new improved type of stevia you can use in baking. Stevia with fiber. First of all, it tends to suggest a 1:1 ratio on a lot of stevia recipes. Never listen if something tells you this! Halve this stuff, or you will have something so sickeningly sweet you'll gag. Luckily I went ahead and did this as I'm used to working with things like agave or Truvia (stevia with fructose).

The first thing I'd made with the new baking blend was cookies. And they were pretty damn good. However, you can still detect a slight aftertaste of that very sweet nature. I thought it worked well enough, onward to healthy cake! Sadly...it was a bust. This cake was gorgeous, but the consistency was off. It tasted like uncooked cookie dough in a way, even though it was very much done. And though it was moist, it still had an odd crumbly consistency.

I gotta say I'm bummed! Because Stevia and Agave are amazing things for eating healthier and keeping the glycemic index in check. Agave works well in sauces, dressings, ice creams pies. But I just can't bake with it. And apparently I can't bake with this either. Hmm. Back to the drawing board!

At least it was purdy!

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