Bear Mojo

Recently my mother told me she'd been holding onto several bear claws for some while and that she wished to turn them into jewelery pieces. Of course I told her that I knew someone capable, Sheri. She did a piece for each of us.

My mother's piece is pictured above. With leather, gold, and small pieces of amber. She also had a small matching bracelet done. Please forgive the lesser quality of those pictures, as they were taken with a phone. The gold wire wrapping on the tooth itself is a tree of life!

My piece is much more traditional. Bone beading, turquoise and gunmetal fashioned into a traditional choker. I could not resist modeling it, complete with some very bare tribal markings historically typical of Chetco women (which if you've read other posts, you are aware I am).

Wearing a bear claw necklace traditionally meant protection and good health to the Indian wearing it. One can't ignore the strength and dignity that bear offers.

If you begin looking up symbolism of the bear to different native cultures you will find all manner of things, but overall a Duality. That duality makes the bear a kind of native American Yin and Yang. Which of course I find intriguing. I'm going to let another lovely lady sum it up, as I don't have a horrible lot of time on my hands and she does it so well!

The following are from Avia Venefica on her website What's Your Sign :

As a Brother -
  • Because the bear is cautious, it encourages discernment to humankind.
  • Because of a fierce spirit, the bear signals bravery to those who require it.
  • Because of its mass and physical power, the bear stands for confidence and victory.
  • Because it prefers peace and tranquility (in spite of its size), Bear calls for harmony and balance.
As a Totem -
  • Patience and Connection
    Hibernating with our ideas or projects until a better time presents itself. Further, bear will speak to you about connecting to both earth-based energy and celestial (sun/moon) forces. Tapping into the bear will also allow you to tap into the wax, wane and flow of life.
  • Confidence and Authority
    By its physical presence, the bear reminds us we can be larger than life if we raise ourselves up to our inherent status. Moreover, no one questions the bear. This kind of authoritative presence will be a lesson the bear can impart.
  • Nurturing and Protection
    We intuit these attributes by the commitment bear mothers make to their offspring. Whether your offspring is in children or ideals, the bear will lend you the determination required for rearing up strong results.

Whether one believes in these things or not, it is impossible not to feel powerful wearing something like this. Bones always have a wonderful feeling to me.

If you're interested in having a keepsake of your own made into a piece you can hold onto, please feel free to follow the link to Sheri's Deviant Art page.

Light and Life - Inspiration

Most that know me, know that there is something special about the sea to me. I grew up on the water and know that it not just awe inspiring, and beautiful, but fearsome as well. Teaming with life, and mystery. Blue and green, sea, sky and mountains, speak to me in a way that other things cannot.

On my DA account you can see this better!

This picture comes of that love, and inspiration. Perhaps in part, by being an Alaskan girl. And in some way it reminds me of an old favorite hymn that always touched me.

There are newer versions, and more uptempo versions. But  the old epic gospel always comes to mind first.

I don't talk about my religion a lot, because I believe it's something that is personal to each and every one of us. I don't believe in pushing it in anyone's face, and I certainly don't find myself perfect or terribly enlightened. However, some old things just have a beauty that I feel should be shared at times.

Things like this hymn remind me as well, of my grandmother. And when life is rough, and the waves of adversity seem to be washing over me and pulling me's a nice reminder.

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A Nice Portion of Angst

This month summer, has been an especially emotional one. The sad thing is that for the most part there is no good reason. Just my crazy hormones and brain making life entertaining. However, the last bout of stress has a big old reason. My husband lost his job.

We found out for sure today. He was suspended Wednesday afternoon and told they'd let him know by Monday at 5pm. Of course they waited until JUST before that deadline to call. Dragging it out as long as possible in a beautiful show of douchebaggery. Which is a word, because I say so. And I shan't repent for it!

My husband has worked for the same company for the last five years. They in turn, are hired by another large corporation to provide support for said corporations product. He's done good work, but that doesn't matter. Because those hiring the company have a say, and their say is that a judgement call is a perfectly reasonable excuse to fire someone.

Let me better explain. Yes, he was suspended and then fired because of a judgement call. Not failing something. Not going against protocol. A judgement call. He had a customer seeking support that got out of line, cursed him out, screamed at him, insulted him. He warned the customer numerous times that he needed to be professional or he wouldn't be able to help him and in the end wound up hanging up on him because he couldn't get him to calm down. Again, not against any protocols. However, it was the opinion of one of these higher ups that he should and could have done more. What a jolly good reason to lose someone that has worked their arse off for you for five years.

This of course, puts us in a rough position. I work, but my income alone is not enough for us to survive on. He's put in several applications and we're crossing our fingers. But he has to find a place that will work around his college schedule. Which includes not just classes, but also student teaching and required volunteer work.

We have enough funds to get through October most likely. And on a note of rather good timing our lease is up in November. If he doesn't find work by then we do have other options. His mother has empty rooms and would help us out. She's really a good person, and I feel lucky to know that no matter what happens we won't be homeless.'s something I am fervently praying we don't have to do.

I don't want to have to depend on someone else. Above that, I don't want to have to give up my space. My freedom. I love people, but I also love being alone on my own. I love my space. My little hovel of crazy.  I hate the idea of moving out of what has become our tiny "home". Packing up our life and putting it into storage...on more than one level.

If it comes to that, however. I know I'll survive. We always do. And I am a firm believer that what is meant to be will be.

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Where Have You Been?!

It's been two or three weeks since my last update, but I promise I did not do a magical disappearing  act. My job is seasonal, and has simply started back up again. This means hooray, I am getting paid again! And boo, I have less time!

So, chances are I'll be trying to make myself update on the weekends. I won't have the time or drive to experiment as much with cooking as I have over the summer. BUT! Oooh ho ho, fear not! I have a backlog of things I have yet to post that I have created. Lucky you!

I have several other projects I'll be striving to make time for on the side. Including a web comic the lovely Sheri and I will be working on. Very excited about that. Just need to get my kiester in gear and find more time to work on the script.

I also broke down and bought Guild Wars 2 and will be devoting some weekend hours to that. Prepare yourselves for a long nerdy ramble my beauties...

My e-peen lives on! Pics 1 & 2 = my Norn elmentilist Knorr Kolgrim. Pic 3 = my Charr ranger Gunnar Soulseeker and Sheri's human necromancer Belle Fleur Morte.

I've been watching the progress of this game and how it's coming together for some time now. By the time it arrived, I was still waffling, but hearing a few customers at work talking about some of the innovations I hadn't heard of yet really sold me! I looped Sheri into playing with me because the clothing in game is gorgeous. *Evil chortle.* We've been having a blast, though it's taking some time to get used to after playing WoW for so long.

Character creation gave me a nerdgasm. Choices in body type, height, an incredible range of skin tones, racial attributes. Even a handful of options for each facial feature (mouth, eyes, nose, brow, chin). At character creation you'll also get to dye your starter armor, but fear not! Decide on a different' color scheme? All the base dyes are free and can be changed at any time in your character window.

Questing is fun. And the fact your storyline progress is dependent upon personality quirks and other choices you make at character creation and throughout the game is really awesome. Star Wars the Old Republic had something similar. But your path had two options: Light Side or Dark Side. I think Guild Wars stepped it up a notch so to say. Granted, SWTOR's storyline cut-scenes are still by far superior. And I'm not entirely astounded by the level of the voice acting in Guild Wars.

Overall, it's new, it's exciting, and monthly fee, eh! If you're an MMORPG fan, especially a fantasy fan, you should give it a spin.

After that spiel I could tell you how life's been interesting. How I've been struggling a bit trying not to let myself get bummed with my IC again. Or how things might drastically change with our housing situation at the moment. But I think I really prefer to leave it on the happy geeking out notes. Because this too shall pass, and life is good. Besides, if there are any catastrophes I'm sure I'll write about them in the near future.

Stay spunky space cadets!

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