Warning: Sudden Attack of That Thing Called Life

Hello out there! I am in fact, still alive! Though at times the status of that life is questionable.

So, here's what's going on in the world of a Telly Beast...

My husband wound up getting a nice amount of call backs after he lost his job. However, none of them work with his school schedule. This is imperative as his schedule changes every semester. Furthermore, as he's an education major, this coming year he'll just have more and more teaching hours he has to do.

As all these realizations hit me, it became blatantly obvious that it would be selfish of me to demand he find a new job every six months just so we can scrape by to live where and how we are. So, we went over all the facts of our current status and made a decision. When our least ends we'll be moving in with his mother.

This is not so frightening as I'm sure some of you imagine. For one, I love my mother-in-law. She's a pretty awesome lady. Secondly, we'll have an entire floor of her house pretty much to ourselves. Living rent free means that the hubby can finish his degree without having to worry about work. And my job should be able to sustain our now muchly reduced bills.

My only concern at the moment is menu planning and working around my IC. I don't like inconveniencing others. Beings as that is the only current concern, however, I think we have it pretty easy. I know many would cringe at having to move in with their in-laws, heck even just with their parents. We are fortunate.

I do hate the moving though. E-gads, I have a lot of crap! I've been going over things. Throwing out this, donating that. Making lists of what we can sell, what we should put in a storage unit. All that comes with its own amount of stress to be sure!

Between working and gearing up for a move, life's felt pretty hectic. I have approached a few culinary endeavors, but none so successful that they deserve posting here. Candy corn and I, for example, are apparently not meant to be. Those blasted little things are the devil! My dough comes out too hard or too soft every time. Candy thermometer be damned! I'm going back to making gummies. Maybe I'll toss up a "how to" of those before long.

Me and Hubs - CHEESE

On an unrelated note, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Halloween is just as dear to my heart as Christmas. Due to the preparation for moving, however, I'm not even putting up my wee WeenTree this year. It's a small black tree, with cobwebs instead of tinsel, purple lights, and ghoulish decorations. Very awesome in my humble opinion! Anyhow, I'm also not bothering to dress up for work as grease paint plus my glasses is usually a poor idea. Forking out money for contacts just for Halloween is not an option this year. I'll settle for playing with cheesy photo effects and making the hubby look like Abe Lincoln for his student teaching. Look forward to witnessing that.

Stay classy!

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