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You know you've been watching copious amounts of children's television when you can name every one of the trains on Thomas and you know more theme songs than anything off the Top 40. It can easily be argued that it's better than sinking into the show hole of daytime television. But still, you might be slipping when you start thinking things like "that Victor train is kind of distinguished, rawr." (It's totally the Spaniard bit.) 

I'm not going to lie. Nine times out of ten when choosing what to watch on my own time I wind up with an animation. They're usually happy, I like to laugh and something about less people suffering and hating their lives just does it for me. 

However, prolonged exposure to my son's entertainment choices has lead me to some terribly deep quandries. Such as...How does it rain underwater? Looking at you Bubble Guppies. Why is Mr. Crabs selling Krabby patties, is he a closet cannibal? How is it every member of Caillou's family has a different hair color and he is bald? Can Curious George really be a monkey without a tail?  Do you think Gadget got freaky with Chip and Dale, or maybe she went for the accent on Monterrey? Pokemon is still on, damn when is Ash gonna catch em' all?

And the most recent, and perhaps one of most drastic importance. Which cartoon single dad is the most appealing to a single mother?

After really mulling it over. I mean agonizing hours of thought here people, I decided it had to be Dave Seville. Sorry Ted you were a close runner up, but the quirky love of yellow would wear thin and George is probably waiting to star in the next Outbreak. 

Dave has it going on ladies. Gainfully employed, great father. You know the man must have the patience of a saint, and look at that hair! 

Maybe I need to start watching things with real people again...

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