Give Me a Beast

I love Beauty and the Beast for a great many things. A classic fairytale where the femme lead isn't being rescued, hot damn! Not that I'm oh so against the old tried and true. I simply like variety and the acknowledgement that a woman not only doesn't always need rescuing, but can save a man. And let's be honest, that's what Belle does. She saves the beast from himself. From self loathing, anger, solitude. 

I also identify a great deal with Belle. I adore and share her love of reading. I admire her kindness and ability to stand her ground. I like to think I'm getting there on the latter.

Despite all my love for this story and it's many forms, one aspect always sat wrong with me. 

I don't want a prince. 

I mean, how could it not be disconcerting? You fall in love with someone for who and what they are. And then they change quite dramatically. We all know how easy change is. I wouldn't want to be rewarded with a handsome stranger.

I've heard the points against my little ramble.  Such as: well his true self was the prince. Was it? It had supposedly been ages and the curse was to bring out the beast he behaved as, in a way more himself than he was before. Alright maybe some merit there in reclaiming the man, but after living as the beast and being accepted for it which would be the more accurate self? An entirely different argument. 

I may just have too large a soft spot for beasts. I find them much more lovable and comforting than princes. A beast doesn't win you over with his face. He has no charm to rely on. He's rough around the edges, but there's often a lot more beneath the feisty exterior. To quote a movie my son is watching entirely too often lately, "His isolation is confirmation of his desperation for healing hugs!" He might roar and growl and carry on, but far more often than you realize it'll be because he doesn't know how else to show his concern. More women really should give them a chance.

In the meantime, look up a book by Robin McKinley called Rose Daughter. Possibly my favorite version of the tale. 

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