I Like Water

Who writes this shit?

To quote Justin Booth, who must be a really rocking individual for the comment he left on this prize: "Who makes these?! Of course you wanna get married once. Is there one that says I want to get married three times and have plenty of cheating and divorce? This is like a meme that says "I like drinking water"." 

This annoys me almost as much as the memes out there that say how marriage is hard work and love isn't easy and if you just believe in happy dancing unicorns you too can make ANY damn situation work. Let's suggest that divorcees didn't try hard enough or bleed themselves dry trying to make it work. 

Nooooooo shit, people want things to work. 

See, here's the thing. This kind of sentiment has always annoyed me, but of course it's doing more so right now because I'm divorcing. I get so tired of the obvious statements and assumptions. Tired of people that insist anything can work. Important word that, can. Doesn't mean it should. And yes relationships are hard work. Let's say it again together in chorus: No Shit!

It's time to get rid of this mentality that we should stick it out when two people are miserable! Not every relationship is redeemable. A culture that makes people feel guilty for doing what is best for their own emotional/physical/mental health and stability needs to stop perpetuating that guilt! Consider having some empathy. Maybe your marriage is great. Maybe it wasn't always great, but you managed to make it work. That doesn't mean everyone else will or should manage the same. 

Everyone wants Happily Ever After, or at least the happy part. Sometimes life has other plans. 

#grumpybritches <-- that's probably not a thing, but totes should be. 

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