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Telly Aann by Melarune of Deviant Art
Hi! My name is Telitha, but please feel free to call me Telly (like Savalus or the monster on Sesame Street). My mother had a thing for vowels and being unique. I've forgiven her now that I'm old enough to appreciate it, but in grade school I was fond of crying when they were teaching me to write out my full name.

So, hmm, what to tell you about little old me? I'm your average crazy artist really. Thirty something, living in your average American city. In an average, albeit very red state. Divorced and figuring out life all over again, all kinds of fun things about that to come!

I have one little kraken I claim as my offspring. It's pretty damn hard to find virginal sacrifices in this day and age for his feedings. He is the best kind of adventure and insanity, though. And my reason for everything.

Family, love, loyalty, trust and openness are the things I value most in this life. And following after them are the arts. It's likely over dramatic to say I feel my soul would shrivel without music, but I believe it to be utterly true. And I love all forms of art, though I couldn't draw to save my life. I'm crafty, but I write and I bake more than anything else. So you'll be seeing a lot of that on this blog. Along with ramblings and my thoughts and ideas most likely.

I hope it is a fun journey of discovery for both myself, and those tuning in for a laugh or a smile if nothing else.

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Welcome to my little corner of the crazy. I can't promise I will always have something intelligent to say. Or that my wit will always leave you laughing. But I can say this much...what you see is what you get. I am me...and I'm going to endeavor to share that uncensored. So, pull up a seat. Enjoy yourself and if I perhaps entertain you feel free to...

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