The Pikurusu Cometh

I have sorely been neglecting my blog of late. I could list such excuses as moving, working, settling in to life's new routine. The main one however, is likely that in early November my hubby and I found out I'm pregnant.

It was...kind of planned. Issues with one's female type bits run in my family, and his parents didn't conceive him for months. Add in the fact that we've not always been "safe" in the bedroom and still never got pregnant and we thought it would take awhile. So we figured if we started trying now, maaaaaaybe by the time he graduated next winter we'd have a baby.

God/Life/Fate or whatever you believe controls such things, looked down at us and blew a giant ol' raspberry. Pfffffft!!!  It took all of a week. 

Needless to say I was a little in shock. The bone sapping exhaustion was my first clue. Lucky for me I've not really suffered morning sickness. Instead, forgive the tmi, but I feel like a bloody goose! Everything passes through me rather quickly. Eternally sore breasts are sure fun to deal with. And my appetite is fluctuating daily, usually in the "eyew that all sounds gross" direction.

We're fairly ecstatic though. I've been feeling ye ol' clock ticking for some years, though I've kept my longing for a child fairly to myself. My husband and I have been together for nine years so it's not like we really rushed into it either.

To say our families are exuberant would be putting it lightly. My mother in law jumped and down and squealed. Yup, squealed. And my mother cried and kept saying I was teasing her and it couldn't be true, haha! I think even my brother is excited to be an uncle. And our due date happens to be my sister-in-law's birthday. Though I hear children are seldom born on their due dates, it's still a bit neat.

I sat up one night with hubby, talking about the tradition in our family to give the baby a nickname before you know its gender. I, for example, was Tadpole to my parents. We were tired, and not agreeing on anything when we started messing around with google translate in Japanese. I typed in "pickle" and it came out pikurusu. It just sounded so cute we had to roll with it. After all it's brining up inside me!

The Pikurusu will be eleven weeks along as of tomorrow and we get our first ultrasound soon. So look forward to pictures, my chaotic rambling about doctor appointments and other such things. Toodle-pip!

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