Five Reasons I Love Dating a Fellow Gamer

As my fella removed his headset tonight to abruptly depart for a moment I heard him call, “Cover me!” And I realized something. I really love dating someone I can game with. I am psyched to have a nerd buddy! Let me break down the awesome for you a bit…

1.) Shared interests. This is the painfully obvious one for me. I’ve tried the whole ‘Opposites Attract’ thing and for me it was over rated (more power to you if it works for ya, we’re all different). I mean..having your own interests is great. I imagine our brains like a landscape. We both have a few territories neither of us are interested in visiting (though everyone should TOTALLY give Corny Elvis Movie City a chance). Then there’s a few places I’ll call Community Property where we mirror or overlap (wait, he has a Classic Literature Library on his map too? *swoon*). Having things we will be able to bond over without effort is priceless. After all, even the gaming world is incredibly diverse so I’m doubly thrilled to find someone that is into my brand of nerdom. (MMORPG’s if you’re curious. Emphases on the RP, we’ll get to that dears!)

(I could have put a relevant meme here. I didn't. Gaze at his glory. GAZE DAMMIT!) 

2.) Breaching Distance. Even though we are nearly two thousand miles apart (I didn’t just google that in forlorn fashion) we can inhabit the same virtual world. Hey I’m a geek, I readily admit that! I enjoy getting to pal around in multiple universes with my honey. Maybe we can’t walk down the street and grab coffee in the real world, but we can meet up with friends in “local” taverns. (If you play Wildstar - The Drunken Boulder is the best!) Sometimes just seeing our characters run around together and explore, makes the distance seem not quite so far. Even when exploring new areas means me getting lost and falling off mountains (directional sense of a drunk clam) or poking everything I shouldn’t. “Why are you running!?” Never ask dear...just flee, because I probably made something big very angry!

3.) Aaaadventure! You’ll often hear how adrenaline during dates is a good way to bond (oh look a wild article appears!) So this starts on the same principle. A lot of games are action packed adventures, and some are very immersive. They make for great bonding experiences. One night we might be hunting Lovecraftian horrors off the coast of Main, the next we’re shooting it out as space cowboys against rampaging hordes of alien monsters, perhaps we’ll be surviving a zombie apocalypse, bringing some centaurs to justice for raiding a village, or traveling the galaxy putting things right as a noble Jedi Master and Padawan. I am perfectly content with a date involving the slaughter of evil rodent geniuses rather than...whatever is considered ‘normal’ these days (what do young people do now, anyways? Is it the clubbing thing? social...stuff? Note to self: ask normal friends.)

4.) Creativity. Awwww yiz. Back to the RP part of MMORPG. The part that stands for Role Play. (Some people may know of RP because of tabletop games like D&D. Nodding at you my beauties!) These types of games usually have a broad back story going on in them, a well developed world with a rich history, diverse races, and so forth. Some people choose to just play as spectators as they complete tasks and read the story tid-bits. However, if you’re my particular kind of join the story. When you Role Play in a game, you give the character you’re using their own personality. Example time! In the game Star Wars the Old Republic I play a twi’lek smuggler named Aantelah. So I created a story and personality for her that is played out in the game. (Cliff-notes version because full details would take forever!) Like a lot of members of her race, she used to be a slave. She had some dicey times on a planet that is basically Space Vegas, and eventually made enough connections and money to buy a ship and start smuggling. Aan is sarcastic, saucy, brazen, a bit in your face, guarded regarding her past and at times defensive. But hey, deep down she has a heart of gold! Now as for why RP made the list, because I get to share this creativity with my honey! We both love to write, and so together we play various characters and make up stories. For some of you this will seem incredibly nerdy. Maybe it is, but it’s also a great creative outlet. Who wouldn’t have fun being a viking like warrior, a bounty hunter, a practitioner of various varieties of magic, a werewolf, a giant cat person, a spy...the list is nearly endless. Though convincing him to play a Sith and go to the Dark Side can be a struggle. “Oh God, what have I done! My mother raised me better than this!”

(Aantelah and Zangdo - Partners in Crime fo'sho! Drawn for us by ataraxicare of DA)

5.) Comradery. This one is short and sweet. No matter the game and characters, it’s nice to know that someone has your back. A companion, a sidekick, a partner in crime. The Jayne to my Vera.

When he came back he was sure to thank me for keeping him from sudden and gruesome death. Because he’s a gentleman like that. Of course, no droids are taking out these Jedi tonight! Onward! To Adventure!

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