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Mr. Kessler, ashamedly I did not know who you were prior to this post I stumbled upon in the swirling information hole of Facebook (seriously people go look him up, he's amazing). Anyone that can bring attention to something I consider vital as a parent in a way that makes people take notice deserves a few nods. Humor can be one of the best languages! And this got me on my own train of things I would say to my little Ambassador:

Señor Ambassador, the Febreeze is for the freshening of the air, not your genitals.

Señor Ambassador, we do not absorb nutrition through our nostrils here.

Señor Ambassador, our culture prefers the use of words as opposed to guttural noises and thrashing.

Señor Ambassador, in our society we differentiate between want and need. 

Señor Ambassador, dogs and horses are a seperate species on our planet.

I could go on for days. Which really only makes this resonate all the more. That's  why it is golden. We need more people to make us stop and think. Children are not idiots, and more importantly infants are not.

Some of the things my two year old is capable of baffle those I speak with. His language skills, my expectations for him, the small chores he's already capable of. What did I do to achieve this. Very little in my book. I let him. I let him and assumed that if he was ready to try and it did no bodily harm, why not? And maybe this is a good point to mention that yes every child is different. This is in no way me saying you should pressure a child or a return to the overdone: look my offspring is so much more advanced than yours, neener neener!

The fact is that children are little sponges, always watching and listening and they accept the limits they hear us place. I'd love to put an end to: oh you can't expect an (insert age here) to be able to do (insert whatever the Hell here). Of course I would also like to see better balance between imparting how to think and what to think. 

So thank you Mr. Kessler. Here's to doing the best we can for our wee Ambassadors. I sincerely wish this picture was an actual literary work, I would read the Hell out of it...

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Allison M. said...

"Piccard"? Filthy casual!

Seriously, it was a great post by Leeman and worth reiterating here.

"Mr. Ambassador, in 21st century North America, it is customary to wear pants during the day, not pajama bottoms with crusty yogurt on them."

"Mr. Ambassador, you may not be aware, but among humans, shrieking 'Granola bar! Paw Patrol!' is considered bad manners first thing in the morning."

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